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FluffOlympics 2015

Hedonism II

Negril, JM
Apr 3rd, 2015 to Apr 11th, 2015

FluffOlympics 2015What makes this week so special? Imagine this - you and your teammates are in competition all week to "score" the most points. The winning team each gets 3 free nights to defend their championship in 2016. The MVP gets a FREE WEEK back to Hedo to participate in the 2016 antics. There will be other free nights and prizes for various achievements. Teams choose a member to represent them in an event and then cheer them on! What kind of events? Some will be athletic, like volleyball, most will be Hedonistic and some will just be downright hilarious (reverse strip poker tournament anyone?) or have you ever seen what a HEDO corn hole game looks like? Add the fun things we do at Hedo and imagine Fluffernutters organizing them into fun "contests". Now, pick your team name and your mascot (we will pair teams up as the reservations come in). There will be a special private forum on the Hedonism Community board and on the Fluffernutters Facebook page to discuss "strategy", make suggestions and let others know how Olympic you are. Many events will be group wide and some will require getting to know other teams and teammates. Shy or not, athletic or not, partier or not, we will put a smile on your face and have you shaking your head and enjoying the memories that no other vacation spot on earth can bring!
Count on us to leave plenty of time to just chill and hang out but just enough time to have fun and make memories that only a FLUFFOLYMPICS can have. Those participating in the first ever FLUFFOLYMPICS will be honored with swag that will be one time issues only. Can’t come for 8 nights? - NO problem, we have you covered. We will have opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies (Oh my they are going to be MEMORABLE). Events will be held over 5 days (we do have a 5 night minimum).

This group is SOLD OUT. Please contact us for waitlist options.