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Tantra for Couples

Desire Resort & Spa - Riviera Maya

Cancun, MX
Apr 13th, 2016 to Apr 16th, 2016

Tantra for CouplesDeepening in Love and Intimacy
Get in touch with your partner at a deeper level and breathe new energy into your Relating and Intimacy.
In this workshop we explore new ways of relating with our partners that allow us to reach deeper levels of Love and Intimacy. We use the physical dimension as a stepping-stone to going deeper into the energy of our connection. By using simple but powerful tools and techniques such as gentle movement, loving touch, relaxed eye contact and synchronising our breath we can move our energies to deeper levels, and so feel and connect with our partner in new ways. Then by recognising, appreciating and honouring them for who they truly are, we can let go of old patterns of relating and reconnect by finding new, juicy, creative and playful ways of expressing our Love, Sensuality, and Desire...
No previous experience needed.
Facilitator: Ankur
"Tantra is the transformation of sex into love through awareness."

This group is SOLD OUT. Please contact us for waitlist options.